aluminium louvres

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Custom design:

Chimney cowl with bracket-fixed blades
(blades fixed outside the supporting frame).

Chimney cowls with end-fixed blades
(blades fixed within the external frame).

Louvred balustrades for decks & outside areas. Custom built to your requirements.

Key custom designs:

  • GATES:
    kudos build hand-opening or automated louvre-gates for all pedestrian and vehicle requirements. A wide range of security locking systems are also available.
    kudos have extensive experience of urban and rural louvre-fence design. All domestic and commercial fencing jobs are welcomed.
    increase privacy, safety and security to balconies decks, stairwells and other internal or external features.
    we can turn a neglected chimney or ugly outlet into a stand-out architectural feature.
    all kudos products are designed & engineered to your own unique customer specifications. If you have a complex or unusual scenario we will use all of our design expertise to bring you the ideal solution.

"At kudos every job is welcomed."

Operable fence panels installed on top of an existing swimming pool fence.
Louvres shown in open & closed positions (increasing privacy when required).


Automated sliding vehicle gate.

Louvred security gate; Style, Security, Access, Ventilation.

Custom box-section eyebrow louvres, provide shading to the ground floor.