aluminium louvres


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This dramatic kudos opening roof creates a stunning sheltered balcony

Louvre Blade Options


Our Titan roof louvre has a contemporary linear profile. These slim-line louvres close to create a perfectly flat roof plane overhead


The Delta roof louvre combines elegance with extraordinary strength & spanning capability. The organic profile & scalloped underside create a shimmering roof plane overhead


  • A kudos opening roof can be built in a free-standing frame, off of your current building or into any suitable existing structure. Any size & shape is achievable.
  • Blades rotate through 180° allowing total sun management under the roof.
  • Provides protection from harmful summer sun, maximises winter sun. Creates shade, eliminates glare.
  • Save on cooling & heating costs
  • Our roof-louvre blade options are designed with style & engineered for durability, strength & large spans.
  • Durable powdercoated & anodised finishes available in colours to suit.
  • Every kudos opening roof is waterproof & features it’s own in-built guttering system.
  • Available as both hand operable & motorised. Both options benefit from the unique kudos “ innovation” opening system.

What it’s all about!
Year round dining on the deck

All weather out-door spaces!
Kudos roofs respond to the
changing weather

No opening roof too small!
This boutique opening roof protects the foyer all year-round

Blades open & blades closed