aluminium louvres

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Sun louvres:

Key features and benefits:

  • kudos sun louvres are exterior wall mounted to control solar penetration at windows and openings.
  • Sun louvres can have fixed-blades, custom pitched for your buildings location and orientation. Alternatively blade pitch can be adjustable with hand operable or motorised blades.
  • Sun louvres increase privacy and security.
  • Horizontal sun louvres are typically bracket fixed to facades. They can also be built within an elegant frame which can be wall-mounted in front of windows, doors and openings.
  • Eyebrow sun louvres protrude from the facade and shade windows, doors and openings below.
  • Sun louvres are available in anodised and powder coated finishes, in a huge variety of colours.
This sliding panel of shiplap louvres can be re-positioned to maximise shade throughout the day.

Shiplap's rectangular louvres close to form a flush plane.

Framed eyebrow sun louvres shade a north facing facade, adding contemporary style.

Bracket-fixed eyebrow sun louvres; pitched to shade the facade throughout the whloe day - year round!

These fixed-blade sun louvres wrap around the corner of this CBD building. Creating a cool inside environment & stunning facade.

These large kudos sun louvre panels can be quickly hand opened or closed to suit, granting full sun control, privacy & increased security.

Bracket fixed sun louvres,
at a range of pitches.

Eyebrow sun louvres
(bracket fixed)

Sun louvres set into a
wall-mounted frame.